!!!Save the Animals!!!

We are having a contest. Whoever can get the cutest pic of an animal put it in a comment and we will announce the winner. There is another one also. The person who gets the most people to visit this website wins. There is no prize. The prize is knowing that you are helping an animal!

Another thing we need to think about is overpopulation.  White-tailed deer are not endangered, but are one example of animals who could die off.  They are overpopulated, and limiting factors are killing them.  There is not enough space or food for all of the deer, and slowly, they are dying.  Think about ways we could save these animals.  We could let nature take its course, and though the deer will die, eventually, they will start to come back.  We could also kill some (not all!) and lessen the population so that they can survive so that the limiting factors arent killing them. Post comments for ideas. If they arent nice comments then we will delete them!!! SAVE THE ANIMALS!

If you kill too many of 1 animal then slowly tons of animals are going to be extinct and each animal is here for a purpose! If we lose too many then we will not have the best looking earth!!

Think about it: if everone in the world donated a penny we could save hundreds of animals in need of help!!!!!!




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Thanks for visiting this site! This site is all about saving important endangered animals. Please scroll down for photos of what you can help. Please just take a look. You will fall in love and want to save them just like us! 😀


January 2021